Technology Services

In today’s world, the access, storage, protection, and communication of information according to strict privacy and confidentiality protocols is paramount.

Information technology is crucial to patient care, patient outcomes, compliance, and financial remuneration. GiaCare was founded more than 20 years ago as a provider of IT solutions for healthcare organizations, and we maintain our commitment to providing exceptional IT and security services today. 

Tier 1, 2, and 3 Help Desk Staffing and Managed Support Services

Give your clients exceptional Help Desk support with a customized level of help desk staffing and management from GiaCare. We offer three tiers of staffing and service to meet your client demand.

Information Security Services (ISS)

Unfortunately, healthcare is a frequent target for cybercrime, and cybercrime has reached unparalleled heights in prevalence and innovation in the past year. We can help keep you protected with top-of-the-line information security products and services for system access regulation and digital identity verification.

Computer Network Defense (CND) Services

GiaCare can design and implement a system of processes and security measures within your network to monitor, detect, and defend against unauthorized access and behaviors. By tracking patterns and behaviors in your network, you can isolate malicious activity at the source and minimize damage.

Vulnerability Analysis of Technologies and Other Penetration Testing

Periodic vulnerability analysis and penetration testing identify weaknesses in your networks and systems that could provide openings for infiltration. Penetration testing is a standard practice required by many industry and government authorities as part of cybersecurity compliance to prevent remote attacks, SQL injections, attacks from inside or outside your network, and other malicious behaviors. 

HIPAA Compliance and Security as a Service

HIPAA violations, even accidental, carry hefty fines starting at $50,000 and reaching $250,000 plus possible jail time for criminal offenses. GiaCare’s HIPPA Compliance services ensure your constant compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s standards for handling protected health information. 

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Pre-Audit

The DoD requires CMMC certification for relevant organizations to verify appropriate levels of security throughout their supply chains. We’ll identify any existing weaknesses in your cybersecurity systems before your CMMC audits to accelerate your path to certification. 

System and Network Design and Evaluation

Moving protected information and PII between storage locations should only be done according to secure protocols. Improve the efficiency and security of your data transport, as well as the operations that depend on the reliable sharing of data, with a customized system and network design and evaluation by trusted IT professionals.

Cybersecurity, HIPAA, and PII/PPI Best Practices Training

Security relies on the consistent vigilance of your trusted personnel, even more so now that many authorized users are accessing sensitive information from home. GiaCare can train your teams in best practices for HIPAA, general cybersecurity, personally identifiable information, and protected personal information to maintain the highest standard of security throughout your organization.

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