Go where you’re needed, get what you need, and create better outcomes.

We have clients on both sides of the fence: healthcare providers looking for a more rewarding career and commercial or government entities looking for exceptional healthcare and IT support. We fill in the gaps on both sides to introduce our caregivers to fulfilling new roles and supplement our partners through recruiting, IT, and healthcare services.

We are minority-owned, woman-owned, and classified as a small disadvantage business (SDB).

Certified in Healthcare Staffing by The Joint Commission (TJC). ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System

Prepare for the Defense Budget Forecast

Defense spending is on the rise, with the federal defense budget continuing to increase year over year. Experts forecast the US will spend more than $7 trillion in the next decade. That means upgrades in cybersecurity and information technology, overhauling outdated infrastructure, and addressing prevalent issues.

Recent initiatives have begun to change the landscape, which will continue to evolve, requiring competitive bidding on high-value, multiple-award contracts. Audit and compliance requirements will be heightened, and the government will pay closer attention to its contracts than in recent years. Contractors will need to be more proactive in improving internal controls and nimbler to navigate the contracting arena.

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Experienced Leadership

GiaCare’s leadership team is made up of clinicians, engineers, and business professionals. We can comprehensively understand the needs of our partners, both medically and technologically. Our ability to translate your requirements into exceptional solutions far outpaces our competition because of our vast experience in the field. As a small and agile team, we are here to develop and grow with our partners, not just satisfy a contract duration and move on to the next opportunity. We bring a hands-on, relationship-based approach, and our partners benefit from that solution-oriented outlook.