Capability Statement

GiaCare offers clinical and non‐clinical program management, human resources, and staffing services as well as IT support solutions, cyber security specialists, and managed services.

Through thoughtful integration of systems and processes, our proven model leverages the personal touch and experience of our human capital along with cutting‐edge technology. Our effective solutions promote efficiency which in turn drives desired results for our customers. We have experience performing on FFP and IDIQ contracts for personal and non‐personal services including Occupational Health and Case Management Programs and Staffing of SCA and non‐SCA requirements involving rapid starts, remote locations, and arduous assignments. At GiaCare, we aspire to deliver the highest quality of healthcare and technology solutions, while continually seeking to improve, innovate, and create new value for customers, their beneficiaries, and our employees.

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Our Services:

Healthcare Staffing Solutions:

  • CONUS/OCONUS Delivery of HCPs in the following markets:
  • Ancillary 
  • Dental 
  •  Nursing 
  • Physician 
  • Various Staffing Options
  • Permanent Placements
  • Direct Hire 
  • Travel and Per Diem 
  •  On‐Call/Coverage Services
  • Emergent Demands (i.e., COVID Surges) 

Case Management and Credentialing Solutions:

  • Case Management Program Operation for T3, T4, P3, and P4 Soldiers 
  • Support to achieve Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) and Full Medical Readiness (FMR) for Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) 
  • Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) Support 
  • Real‐time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Compliance Tracking 
  • Medical Records and Validation/Verification Services 

Tele-health and Call Center Solutions:

  • Tele‐health integration, implementation, and service delivery including Remote Health Monitoring and Results Administration 
  • Onsite and Offsite Call Center Operations 
  • On‐call and coverage scheduling services 
  • Patient Registration and Medical Appointment Scheduling 
  • Telephone Consultation (TCON) Generation 

IT Solutions:

  • HIPAA Compliance and Security as a Service
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Pre‐Audits
  • System and Network Design and Evaluation
  • Information Security Services
  • Computer Network Defense Services
  • Vulnerability Analysis of Technologies and other Penetration Testing
  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 Help Desk Staffing and Managed Support Services
  • Cybersecurity, HIPAA, and PII/PPI Best Practices Training

Key Information:


  • Minority Owned
  • Woman Owned
  • Small Disadvantage Business (SDB)
  • The Joint Commission (TJC) Certified – Health Care Staffing


NAICS CODES: 517919, 541330, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541618, 541690, 541990, 561110, 561210, 561320, 561330, 561990, 611420, 621111. 621112, 621210, 621310, 621330, 621340, 621391, 621399, 621410, 621420, 621491, 621492, 621493, 621498, 621511, 621512, 621610, 621910, 621991, 621999, 622110, 622210, 622310, 623110, 623210, 623220, 623311, 623312, 623990, 624120, 624190, 624229, 624230, 624310, 624410


  • Medically Q Coded Services (MQS) – HTT005018D0031


  • GiaMed Alliance JV, LLC
  • GiaCare and MedTrust JV, LLC
  • GiaMed Resources JV, LLC
  • Gia MedTrust JV, LLC
  • Care Space Technologies JV, LLC

 Why Us?: 

  •  Consistent communication that sets clear expectations and promotes transparency.
  • Clinically and technically trained and tenured Corporate Program Management to support our customers as SMEs in strategic decision making and effective problem resolution
  • A proactive approach to quality assurance utilizing key performance indicators and real‐time trend analysis to overcome dynamic demand and other obstacles
  • The right mix of Full‐Time, Part‐Time, and PRN human capital best fit for your culture, program requirements, and job demands

GiaCare Performance History

Since its inception in 1998, GiaCare has offered a capable, multi‐disciplinary team inclusive of Clinical and Technological Subject Matter Experts who focus on the integration and touch points between healthcare and information technology services and personnel. Utilizing a unique value proposition developed from this standpoint, our customized solutions drive results for a diverse set of commercial and federal, state, and local government customers. GiaCare specializes in providing on‐demand healthcare and professional staffing and related human resource services as well as complementary Healthcare and security‐related IT Solutions such as HIPAA Compliance as a Service. Our distinguished record of service demonstrates our proven operational model founded upon TJC principles and data‐driven quality assurance protocols that successfully delivers contract requirements, including our ability to manage coverage and surge events, staff in remote and arduous locations, place scarce healthcare professionals with limited lead time, and implement telework/telehealth, and other change management solutions. Our services offer the best combination of performance, cost, and delivery.

Personal and Non‐Personal Services Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Nursing – High Volume Full‐time and Pool Registered Nurse (RN) Staffing Services in support of the DoD’s only Level 1 Trauma Center 

  • W81K0419D0021 for approximately 300 FTE RNs and a large network of PRNs to manage shift coverage and pool hours for the more than 30 unique units/specialties. Services also include COVID Surge needs of up to 229 additional M/S, ICU, and ER RNs.
  • Client/Location: San Antonio Military Health System (SAMHS), San Antonio, TX and associated MTFs and clinics.

Ancillary – National Intrepid Center of Excellence (Nicole) and Rehabilitation Services in the Highly Competitive National Capital Region 

  • HT005018D0031‐HT001418F0474 for 46 FTE including Nicole Assistive Technology Professional; Neurosurgery, Rehab, andNicole Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants; Pediatric, Rehab, and Nicole Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants; Rehab and Nicole Recreational Therapists; and Pediatric and Pulmonary Respiratory Therapists. Services also include coverage and COVID Surge needs for additional Respiratory Therapists.
  • Client/Location: WRNMMC, Bethesda, MD and other supporting MTFs in the National Capital Region including Fort Belvoir CommunityHospital; DiLorenzo Clinic, Malcolm Grow Medical Center, and Joint Base Anacostia‐Bolling Clinic.

Physician – Pediatrician Staffing Services Provided in Support of General Pediatrics and the Exceptional Family Membership Program 

  • W81K0017P0527 for 4 FTE Pediatricians in support of Brooke Army Medical Center and eligible beneficiaries.
  • Client/Location: San Antonio Military Health System (SAMHS), San Antonio, TX

Occupational Health Services:

Non‐Personal Services – NASA Langley Research Center (Larch) Occupational Health Program Support Services Contract 

  • 80LARC18P0019/NNL15AB70P – for development, implementation, and operation of the occupational health program and the subsequent management and staffing thereof to include Occupational Health and Urgent Care Clinic, Fitness Center, Employee Assistance Program, Fee‐For‐ Service Program, and associated Medical Records Management and Wellness Promotion Services
  • Client/Location: NASA Larch, Hampton, VA

Case Management Services:

Non‐Personal Services – Management and Staffing of the Case Management Program in support of the Texas Army National Guard 

  • W912L115C0028 for non‐clinical case management support program inclusive of 24 FTE Case Managers and Care Coordinators to support Medical and Dental Readiness and SRP, PHA, and MRE events
  • Client/Location: Camp Mabry, Austin, TX with travel statewide

Call Center Services: 

Non‐Personal Services – Management and Staffing of a Call Center in support of a Federal MTF in a remote, hard‐to‐fill location. 

  • W91YTZ18C0021 for call center services including an on‐site team lead, and more than 20,000 annual hours of necessary support staff working full‐time, part‐time, and prn schedules to provide comprehensive coverage for associated patient registration and appointing, hospital information and customer service, referrals, and administrative services.
  • Client/Location: Blanch field Army Community Hospital, Fort Campbell, KY

IT Solution Services: 

HIPAA Compliance‐as‐a‐Service 

  • HIPAA Compliance Audit, Reporting, and ongoing maintenance and training services
  • Client/Location: South East Florida Hematology, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cyber Security Maturity Model (CMMC) Continuous Compliance‐as‐a‐Service 

  • Network/System Audits, Reporting, System Security Plan (SSP) Generation/Review, Network Security Scans, Systems Management, Cybersecurity testing