Outside of normal business hours, our corporate office phone line is managed by an on-call team who will be happy to assist you in urgent situations. 

Interested in Working for GiaCare?

If you’re interested in joining the GiaCare team, you can use the form below to send us a message or contact our recruitment team at (954) 651-9022, option 1 or email [email protected]. You can also check out our currently available positions and submit an application for the placement you’re interested in.

Interested in GiaCare Services?

If you represent an organization that is in need of staffing services or occupational health, case management, credentialing, telehealth, call center, or IT solutions, contact a business development associate using the form below, give us a call toll-free at 212-714-0177, or send an email to [email protected].

Contact Form

    Employee Verification

     GiaCare is live for Employment Verification. For any employment and income verification requests, please head to GiaCare’s employer code is 979317. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at 954-651-9022. 

    Is there an issue with your service?

    We strive to consistently provide the highest quality service. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, we encourage you to contact your Program Manager directly to discuss the problem. We have processes in place to resolve issues effectively and efficiently. 

    If the resolution does not meet your expectations, call the GiaCare corporate office or the Employee Hotline. We also offer an anonymous reporting form. A corporate representative will work with you to resolve your concern while maintaining your privacy.

    Concerns About Patient Care and Safety

    We take concerns about patient care and safety very seriously. If you believe a GiaCare healthcare provider has violated regulations or behaved in a way that compromised patient safety or wellness, please contact our corporate office or Employee Hotline or use the anonymous reporting form.

    If GiaCare management fails to address the concern, please contact the Joint Commission or the Office of Quality Monitoring. GiaCare does not retaliate against anyone who reports safety or quality of care concerns to the Joint Commission or to us.

    What will happen to the information you submit?

    As a leader in healthcare recruiting, GiaCare values the privacy of our partners, their clients, and our caregivers. The information you submit will be shared only on a need-to-know basis according to the purpose of submission. For some reports, information will need to be shared in order to resolve the issue described in the reports. Review our privacy policy to learn more about the information we collect and how it might be shared.

    Refer a Colleague or Friend

    If you know a healthcare professional who might be a good fit for the GiaCare team, we’d love to hear from you. Use the referral form to submit the information you have available and learn more about the Referral Bonus Program. 

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