Cybersecurity Tips for HealthCare

Healthcare has some of the strongest risks for cybersecurity, especially with the risk of disruptions leading to life or death situations in certain medical settings. Further, private information has become extremely valuable, and unfortunately, high-value target for a large swath of cybercriminals. In fact, information stealers and ransomware are the most common types of malware used against the healthcare industry. Protecting PHI/PII (Protected Health Information/Personally Identifiable Information) is absolutely essential and sometimes more difficult as technology advances. Further, high-profile patients can even have altered MRI/CT Scans due to malware being installed.  These malicious programs can add realistic, malignant-seeming growths to CT or MRI scans before physicians can even examine the scan fooling doctors nearly 99% of the time.

Unfortunately, attacks are on the rise with a reported 83% of surveyed healthcare organizations having an increase in cyberattacks over the last year and more complicated with 66% reporting more “sophisticated attacks” over the past year. Further, the average healthcare endpoint saw over 8 attempted attacks per month.

According to the Department of Health & Human Services, their top 10 cybersecurity tips are:

1. Establish a Security Culture
2. Protect Mobile Devices
3. Maintain Good Computer Habits
4. Use a Firewall
5. Install and Maintain Anti-Virus Software
6. Plan for the Unexpected
7. Control Access to Protected Health Information
8. Use Strong Passwords and Change Them Regularly
9. Limit Network Access
10. Control Physical Access.

We encourage you to view the full report, with tips, which can be found here.

Always remember it is better to be safe than sorry.  If you believe you or your organization has been impacted or infiltrated by a cyber attack ensure you notify your technology administrator or point of contact immediately.

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